Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lovely Gremlins

Gremlins....are these the monsters that mess up my house?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

These are my projects that I have being working on this week. the first picture is the celtic zodiac, its a series that is currentley featured in the Irish quilting magazine.  I am now working on the quilt for the final instalement.
 My fun project this week is the Valentine quilt. It all started when my sister Gail split a fat quarter bundle with me. The fabric had hearts and candy on it, not sure what to do with it I started using it to test my patterns out on. I liked it so much that Gail very kindly gave me her half. I decided to put the blocks together this week. Now the quilt is turning into a work of art as i have added borders and more borders, and then I had a brain wave to add hearts on the border....lots of hearts...thirty 8 and half inch big hearts. They now sit looking lovely on top of the borders and  need to be appliqued on. NO PRESSURE... im only supposed to be delivering it to Romi who is going to long arm quilt it for me today... So now you know what my plans are for the rest of the day. Fortunatley Olly is out, Jim bob is on his way to Dublin, Seany is working, Leigh is horse riding and Daddy is ???? somewhere to look after his two smallies ( he dosnt know yet..ha ha ) I think ill go cook a big know what they say 'the way to a mans heart is through his stomach' ... happy stitching .


My number six son, definatley has my sleepy gene. Here is is in MY bed at 9.30 on a Saturday morning. At least I got a few extra hours in bed...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That monday feeling...on a tuesday.

You know when you have to do something , it always seems to take up the whole day....I seem to have lost about six hours...i have no washing , hoovering, or dishes done and all i succeded in doing was pay the duty on my new/old car and post some letters.
The twins have just come through the door from school  and Oisin is on the been bag watching T.V. ( poor neglected 2 yr old) Oh i did manage to cook a chicken, but I can hear the microwave ding ding, so that means The twins are filling there faes with shi...rubbish. So this is my que to go and throw my weight around ( yes quite literally when dealing with two 5 ft 10 seventeen yr olds who are very strong willed)
Oh yes I did also manage to get my notes printed for my class tonight...perhaps im not to bad after all..oh C*** i just realised I have no sample, now I have to fly.......................................

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I cant believe I have finaly found out how to sdd backgrounds to my blog, Ilove this one its fab. Watch this space for all my everyday antics.....