Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That monday feeling...on a tuesday.

You know when you have to do something , it always seems to take up the whole day....I seem to have lost about six hours...i have no washing , hoovering, or dishes done and all i succeded in doing was pay the duty on my new/old car and post some letters.
The twins have just come through the door from school  and Oisin is on the been bag watching T.V. ( poor neglected 2 yr old) Oh i did manage to cook a chicken, but I can hear the microwave ding ding, so that means The twins are filling there faes with shi...rubbish. So this is my que to go and throw my weight around ( yes quite literally when dealing with two 5 ft 10 seventeen yr olds who are very strong willed)
Oh yes I did also manage to get my notes printed for my class tonight...perhaps im not to bad after all..oh C*** i just realised I have no sample, now I have to fly.......................................

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